Toolchanger actuator

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I decided to go with a firgelli L16 actuator with a LAC card.  This gives me the ability to control the actuator via PWM.  The actuator includes a feedback module to ensure its positioned appropriately.  This has a 140mm extended length.    It extends in about 9 seconds, which isn’t terrible.  Check out the video:  

Toolchanger mount

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In order to supply tools to the imsrv spindle, I need to have a mounted rack.  Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of room, and don’t want to give up the little that I do have.  To get around this, I’ve been working on a articulating arm with a rotating toolholder rack.  This will beContinue Reading


Mill Coolant

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One thing that I have struggled with as I’ve learned to machine aluminum is the appropriate settings for my mill. Too much speed with no feed and the aluminum gums up. Too much feed and no speed and the bit breaks. One thing that bigger mills often have is a coolant system. Some use floodContinue Reading


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In my efforts to make CNCing more automating, I’ve been eyeing up a tool changer.  I’ve ordered and looked at the plans from Joe Vicar, but there is a lot of work that goes into building that changer.  I also looked at the Usovo spindle, but that requires a lot of modification.  After much hesitation,Continue Reading

Multipurpose PID controller

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Often I find myself needing more procedural control over heat treatment. The two specific use cases I have right now are 1) Controlling my kiln to heat treat metal and 2) Controlling my reflow oven. Both of these uses require multiple heat/cool cycles for with differing time lengths. Rather than control them manually, I buildContinue Reading


Harry’s House

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Once a semester my eldest son’s school send the class pet home with him.  It is only a stuffed pet, but we are instructed to take it everywhere we go and to take plenty of pictures.  The class pet is named “Harry the Hedgehog”.  In true maker fashion, my wife and I wanted to doContinue Reading


Papilio One Case

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Along with the case for the Papilio Pro, I wanted to also make one for the Papilio One.  I originally thought they were the same format, but as it turns out they are not.  Though I haven’t cut it yet, you can see the photo rendering from solid works.  I think it looks pretty spectacular.


Mag Arm Mod

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One of my friends Xnaron wasn’t happy with the way the arms worked on his rostock max and decided to make a new setup using magnets.  The arms are made using carbon fiber tubes with printed end caps.  The magnet resides within the cap.  The mate for the magnet is a steel ball jbwelded toContinue Reading


Papilio Pro Case

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FPGAs are a technology that I am very enamored by.  A long time ago I purchased a de0-nano to learn how to use them.  I never really got very far into it because of other priorities and the complexities involved.  More recently I decided to get a Papilio Pro which used a xilinx.  At theContinue Reading

Bronze Bushings

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A friend asked me to make some bronze bushings for him.  This was my second time using DolphinCam.   I followed a similar path to my previous post on DolphinCam.  This time my friend sent a DXF directly.  I brought it in to DolphinCad and defined the profiles first. Here you can see the outlineContinue Reading