Multipurpose PID controller

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Often I find myself needing more procedural control over heat treatment. The two specific use cases I have right now are 1) Controlling my kiln to heat treat metal and 2) Controlling my reflow oven. Both of these uses require multiple heat/cool cycles for with differing time lengths. Rather than control them manually, I buildContinue Reading


Harry’s House

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Once a semester my eldest son’s school send the class pet home with him.  It is only a stuffed pet, but we are instructed to take it everywhere we go and to take plenty of pictures.  The class pet is named “Harry the Hedgehog”.  In true maker fashion, my wife and I wanted to doContinue Reading


Papilio One Case

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Along with the case for the Papilio Pro, I wanted to also make one for the Papilio One.  I originally thought they were the same format, but as it turns out they are not.  Though I haven’t cut it yet, you can see the photo rendering from solid works.  I think it looks pretty spectacular.


Mag Arm Mod

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One of my friends Xnaron wasn’t happy with the way the arms worked on his rostock max and decided to make a new setup using magnets.  The arms are made using carbon fiber tubes with printed end caps.  The magnet resides within the cap.  The mate for the magnet is a steel ball jbwelded toContinue Reading


Papilio Pro Case

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FPGAs are a technology that I am very enamored by.  A long time ago I purchased a de0-nano to learn how to use them.  I never really got very far into it because of other priorities and the complexities involved.  More recently I decided to get a Papilio Pro which used a xilinx.  At theContinue Reading

Bronze Bushings

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A friend asked me to make some bronze bushings for him.  This was my second time using DolphinCam.   I followed a similar path to my previous post on DolphinCam.  This time my friend sent a DXF directly.  I brought it in to DolphinCad and defined the profiles first. Here you can see the outlineContinue Reading


First Anodizing Run

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After 2 years in the making, I’ve finally anodized my first part.  Sort of …  As it turns out the wire anodized very well, but the part did not.  I will do another run with better surface preparation. I’ll also work to improve the contact with the part.


Milled Delta Carriage

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I’ve done two posts recently on how to use DolphinCam with the lathe.  I finally got around to using it with the mill.  I’ve included similar screenshots as before.  This time there are a few more profiles to worry about. This one presented a bit of a dilemma.  I wanted to cut it out ofContinue Reading


Vise Hold Downs

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About a year ago I purchased a precision vise for my mill.  Unfortunately it did not come with hold downs that would work with my mill.  I finally got around to making them.  Though it doesn’t appear so, it was a lot of work to finish all six sides and create the appropriate countersink holes.Continue Reading


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One of the challenges with anodizing is finish preparation prior to the actual procedure.  Using a polish wheel is one option, but its very cumbersome.  Another option is to use a vibratory tumbler.  Below is my first experiment with the tumbler.  The green fragments are fiberglass resin.  You can see the circulatory motion as theContinue Reading