How to Mill PCBs part 2

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In the first part, I created took the circuit and created the gcode that the machine would use.  This part will show it actually running on the machine.

First, the overall setup that I’m using.  I’m using a Taig CNC Mill with a vacuum table to hold down the PCB.

The first thing we do is load up the gcode file into emc2, put the bit in, home it, and get started.  You can see two videos below of the etching process.  The first is an overview and the second is a closeup.

Etching is the first step in the process.  As an option in pcb2gcode, I have predrill the holes in the copper.  The next step is to drill.

After we drill we need to mill the board.  Milling is effectively cutting out just the part of the PCB that you need.  A video of the milling process is below.

The end result of the process is in the following picture.  I didn’t go deep enough with the drill or milling bits.  Since this was my first attempt at milling/drilling, I don’t feel so bad :)

Unfortunately I was not able to cut it the rest of the way out.  Its easy enough to do another board, and I want to get it right anyway.  Look for more updates to come.

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