CNC 4th Axis

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I’ve mentioned in the past that I planned to add a 4th Axis to my Taig.  With a 4th axis, the items that you can mill open up significantly.  For example, gears are very easy to do with the table in a 90 degree position.  You can also cut threads inside or outside of an item by laying the table flat on the x axis.  Lastly, if you use a tailstock as well, you can mill the top and bottom of an object if you build the right jig.

In order to make it work, I first had to add another stepper controller to my CNC controller.  You can see in the picture below that I’ve added the board all the way on the right.  I also added a relay board, but I haven’t put that to use just yet.  More on that to come.

On the stepper driver itself, I added a piece of angled aluminum to act as a heat sync.  Running 3 amps of current through those motors generates a bit of heat.  Its a little smaller than the one that Probotix used, but it should work well enough.  Time will tell.  There is a nice large fan that blows across them as well.  I’ve used another xlr connector to connect this new stepper to keep consistent.  I actually believe the xlr connectors work very well for this.  The next picture is one of the power supply.  This is a 40V linear power supply.  Its a beast!

The following picture is the Sherline Rotary Table installed on the Carter Tools right angle adapter mounted to the Taig Mill.  I’ve installed another Probotix 280 oz/in stepper.  I don’t think that much torque is necessary for just using the 4th axis, but if I convert this to a 5th axis machine it will help with the additional weight.

Lastly, I’ve captured a video of it running.  It looks awesome and I can’t wait to use it!

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