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WidgitMaster Router

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I’m putting the finishing touches on the widgitmaster router that I bought long ago. I started by turning down an acme screw to replace one that was missing in the package.  Then I had to make 2″ couplers because the nema 23 steppers had short shafts.  Finally, I needed to mount my Wolfgang spindle to it.  Unfortunately the wolfgang adapter had holes for 3/16 screws which wouldn’t work with the small t-slots on the widget master mini.  I thought about making a new mount plate, but decided against it because I’d like one mount plate that works with any of my mills.  My solution was to make spacers with a rim so that it could take 6-32 screws.  If I decide to mount that spindle on my Taig, I can just remove the spacers and use a different pair of screws.  Below are the fruits of my labor.

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