Behavior Tokens

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My oldest son is 3 years old and is going through a phase that is typically called “threevil”.  To help constrain his behavior in a positive way, I’ve decided to launch a token system at my house.  It serves to teach him the concepts of currency and savings while keeping it positive.


There are two types of tokens in the system: Short term rewards and Long term rewards.  The short term tokens are green while the long term tokens are blue.  He earns the green tokens demonstrating behaviors each day.  Those behaviors are: 1) Eating at the table 2) Keeping his hands to himself 3) Going to bed easily 4) Cleaning up and 5) Listening.  For each behavior that he demonstrates, he gets a green token.  In addition, he gets a blue token if he demonstrates all of the behaviors for a given day.


The green tokens are redeamable for activities like going outside to play, watching a TV show, or playing games.  The blue tokens are redeemable for activities like going to the park, Incredible Pizza, or getting a toy.  He can exchange 5 green tokens for a blue token.  You can see a picture of my printer making the tokens below:

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