RC Fail

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Today was a day of great fail.  First, my FPV plane on its maiden flight got stuck in a tree.  A friend of mine was piloting it and got a bit too close.  On a positive note, the flight up until the crash was awesome.  I am amazed at how fast the skysurfer plane is and how well the video transmission worked over 5.8 GHz.


Second, my TBS discovery developed a yawing problem when flying around my house.  To avoid getting a second device stuck in a tree (or hurting someone), I downed it.  Unfortunately it hit a gravel road and was damaged heavily.  The battery was bent in half.  The go pro and FPV camera were ejected about 10 feet away.  Only one arm was broken, but an aluminum frame support snapped out of the fiberglass body.  I will add a video of the flight up until the crash a bit later.  Today was definitely a bad day for flying.


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