Papilio Pro Case

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FPGAs are a technology that I am very enamored by.  A long time ago I purchased a de0-nano to learn how to use them.  I never really got very far into it because of other priorities and the complexities involved.  More recently I decided to get a Papilio Pro which used a xilinx.  At the same time, I got a book called “Digital Design and Computer Architecture” which came highly recommended.  The advantage of the book is that it takes you from basic digital logic all the way through building your own MIPS computer.  Even more advantageous is the coverage of Verilog and VHDL for all examples.

Anyway, it occurred to me in the course of pursuing the book that having a loose board flopping around was less than ideal.  I designed a laser cut case for it.  I think the result is spectacular.

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