Bronze Bushings

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A friend asked me to make some bronze bushings for him.  This was my second time using DolphinCam.   I followed a similar path to my previous post on DolphinCam.  This time my friend sent a DXF directly.  I brought it in to DolphinCad and defined the profiles first.

Here you can see the outline of one side of the part.  Its important to remember that you only want to draw a single side.  Defining the profile takes about 1-2 minutes, then you can pull it into DolphinCad. Below is the operation in DolphinCad.

Again, this was extraordinarily simple.  This is a part that would have been extraordinarily difficult to do with the wizards or by hand.  And I was able to make 12 of these in under an hour because of the simplicity of the software.  See a video of some of the cutting below.

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