Don’t be frightened to build your own 3d printer!

Have you been yearning for a 3d printer, but are concerned about building and sourcing it yourself? Are you more of a DIY person and don’t want to go with a pre-assembled printer? I may be able to help. For the last year, I’ve been hosting reprap build events. These events are always a lot of fun. Here is how it works. You show up on Saturday morning with some tools and a laptop, and leave late Sunday afternoon with a working printer. The goal is that by the time you leave, you have a working reprap that is printing plastic models. Because you have built it you know how to support it. And throughout the process, you’ve had help/guidance along the way.

Up until now, the reprap of choice for the events has been a prusa iteration 2 printer. It is relatively inexpensive and widely supported by the community. The typical cost for a seat at the event (which includes the printer) is $950. That could vary slightly depending on the distance that I need to travel and the number of participants. Should there be enough interest, we can also support a mendelmax (1.5 or 2), prusa i3, rostock max, or tantillus build.

If you are interested, please send an email to sonny at I typically do these events at the Hacker Consortium in Nashville. If you live close to that location, I would strongly recommend you signing up for one of my events there. If Nashville is too far away, then we need to make sure that we have enough participants to make it happen. Usually it takes about 8-10 builders before I schedule the event. If you represent a hackerspace and want to help coordinate an event at your location, let me know.

Upcoming Events

Feb 15/16  – Hacker Consortium – Nashville, TN

Mar 9/10 – LVL1 – Louisville, KY

You can see some build event pictures here: