First Anodizing Run

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After 2 years in the making, I’ve finally anodized my first part.  Sort of …  As it turns out the wire anodized very well, but the part did not.  I will do another run with better surface preparation. I’ll also work to improve the contact with the part.


Milled Delta Carriage

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I’ve done two posts recently on how to use DolphinCam with the lathe.  I finally got around to using it with the mill.  I’ve included similar screenshots as before.  This time there are a few more profiles to worry about. This one presented a bit of a dilemma.  I wanted to cut it out ofContinue Reading


Vise Hold Downs

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About a year ago I purchased a precision vise for my mill.  Unfortunately it did not come with hold downs that would work with my mill.  I finally got around to making them.  Though it doesn’t appear so, it was a lot of work to finish all six sides and create the appropriate countersink holes.Continue Reading


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One of the challenges with anodizing is finish preparation prior to the actual procedure.  Using a polish wheel is one option, but its very cumbersome.  Another option is to use a vibratory tumbler.  Below is my first experiment with the tumbler.  The green fragments are fiberglass resin.  You can see the circulatory motion as theContinue Reading


Probe Break out Box

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One of the things that I’ve been trying to do on my mill/lathe is to make the alignment and calibration easier.  One of the add ons for mach3, MachStdMill makes this a lot easier through the use of probes.  Unfortunately some of the probes are normally open and some are normally closed.  He provides aContinue Reading


Dust Deputy

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Some time back I had received a dust deputy as a present and just got around to setting it up.  If you aren’t familiar with it, the idea is that it deposits the materials wood/metal swarf in a bucket rather than in the vacuum itself.  The bucket is much easier to clean out than aContinue Reading

Mill Cooling Mount

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This is the great thing about 3d printers.  I needed to mount my locline nozzle up to my taig.  It took about 15 minutes to model the mount, 10 minutes to print, and 5 minutes to install.  Just awesome …  

Aluminum Heatsink for 3d Printer

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So it seems that replacing plastic heatsinks on the hot end with aluminum ones is all the rage.  I decided I would give it a try.  Since I had most of the parts from the QU-BD hot end, I thought I would whip one up on my lathe.  Below are a few pictures of theContinue Reading

Family Prints

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Sometimes I forget exactly how easy it is for me to make things for my family with my 3d printers.  I spend so much time helping others and never take the time that I should to make things for them.  Today I did exactly that.  I printer something for my wife and two sons.  TheContinue Reading

Teen Tech Camp

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Recently I was asked if I could speak to a group of children at a tech camp regarding 3d printing.  Since it has been such a passion of mine, I happily accepted the invitation.  I asked Claudio (midsouthmakers and lulzbot) to join me.  I don’t have any pictures yet, but the kids had a blast.Continue Reading