Papilio One Case

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Along with the case for the Papilio Pro, I wanted to also make one for the Papilio One.  I originally thought they were the same format, but as it turns out they are not.  Though I haven’t cut it yet, you can see the photo rendering from solid works.  I think it looks pretty spectacular.


Papilio Pro Case

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FPGAs are a technology that I am very enamored by.  A long time ago I purchased a de0-nano to learn how to use them.  I never really got very far into it because of other priorities and the complexities involved.  More recently I decided to get a Papilio Pro which used a xilinx.  At theContinue Reading


Probe Break out Box

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One of the things that I’ve been trying to do on my mill/lathe is to make the alignment and calibration easier.  One of the add ons for mach3, MachStdMill makes this a lot easier through the use of probes.  Unfortunately some of the probes are normally open and some are normally closed.  He provides aContinue Reading

I2C RGB Led Adapter

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I ran into a challenge recently where I didn’t have enough spare pins that could PWM on ramps. I want to add LEDs for lighting and to signify certain events. To work around the issue, I decided to make an i2c-rgb led adapter. I2C lets me have up to 127 devices. I plan to makeContinue Reading

grblShield Connected


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For my PCB Mill, I wanted to use something more portable than the SDTR-4C that I use for my Taig Mill and Sherline Lathe.  I was originally planning to use a RAMPS setup, but for a few reasons I went a different way.  I won’t go into it here, but may later.  Below is aContinue Reading


Arcade Games

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I took some pictures of the inside of some arcade games that I’ve been maintaining for awhile.  I thought folks might be interested to see what they look like.  The components are actually quite simple! Ms Pac-Man Pinball Machine

PCB Etched on v90

Etching PCBs

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So one of my goals in getting into CNC was to be able to prototype my own PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).  I’ve gotten some special equipment to do it, but this isn’t an easy thing to figure out how to do.  Its taken me some time, but here is my first attempt.  I’m using theContinue Reading