Harry’s House

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Once a semester my eldest son’s school send the class pet home with him.  It is only a stuffed pet, but we are instructed to take it everywhere we go and to take plenty of pictures.  The class pet is named “Harry the Hedgehog”.  In true maker fashion, my wife and I wanted to doContinue Reading


Papilio One Case

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Along with the case for the Papilio Pro, I wanted to also make one for the Papilio One.  I originally thought they were the same format, but as it turns out they are not.  Though I haven’t cut it yet, you can see the photo rendering from solid works.  I think it looks pretty spectacular.


Papilio Pro Case

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FPGAs are a technology that I am very enamored by.  A long time ago I purchased a de0-nano to learn how to use them.  I never really got very far into it because of other priorities and the complexities involved.  More recently I decided to get a Papilio Pro which used a xilinx.  At theContinue Reading

Tuning the Laser

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A friend had a pet that passed away and they asked if I could make a tombstone similar to the one that I did for Juanita. I did, and the results are attached. At the same time, I wanted to tune the laser to see how detailed I could etch the aztec calendar into anContinue Reading


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One of the challenges with 3d printing, and machining in general is getting the models in. Previously I had purchased david laserscanner, but never quite got it set up completely. I needed a turntable so that I wasn’t moving the parts by hand. Recently I saw the fabscan project and thought I could adapt itContinue Reading

Raspberry Pi

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Today I got my raspberry pi in and set it up to control my reprap. I also lasercut a case for it. Right now I’m just using pronsole, but it works well.

UAV enclosure

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I decided that the the electronics enclosure vs 3 for my quad was bit crude looking. It functionally worked, but needed to be more refined. I modeled a new one with channels for the electronics. Then I lasercut a cap so that I had visibility into the case. You can see the results below. ThisContinue Reading

1-Touch Laser Photo

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To try and get better photo etching results from the laser, I purchased the 1-touch laser software from ULSinc. The result below is my first attempt to engrave a photo of my children in granite.

Pictures Etched in Aluminum

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Tonight I decided to try an etch an image in a anodized black aluminum card that I had laying around. The image did not come out as I would have liked. For some reason when the laser rasters on aluminum, it doesn’t turn off fast enough for the movement. This is something that I needContinue Reading