Alex’s Birthday

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For Alex’s 3rd birthday, my wife came up with the idea of a Angry Birds themed party. To help support her, I created the birthday hats and lettering on my laser cutter. It worked much better than I had expected. The only strange part was that the font is actually called “Feast of Flesh”.

Laser Filter 1

Laser Filter Revision 2

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A week or two ago I ran across a deal on an air filter for my laser cutter.  This one is made by the manufacturer for use in malls when you can’t exhaust externally.  It is turned on and off via USB through the software, so it is very convenient.  I tested it out andContinue Reading

Gear Test Assembled

First Gear Test

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This evening I designed a set of gears using a piece of software called gearotic motion to build a set of gears.  I used my laser cutter to cut them out.  One of them was smaller that a quarter.  See the below pictures:  


Tuning the Laser Cutter

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So last weekend when we were running the laser cutter at the hackerspace, we got double images on certain items with small details.  We thought it was the something funny about the images we were sending to the laser.  Tonight I was etching some aluminum business cards and noticed the doubling happening again.  Frustrated, IContinue Reading

Lasered Shot Glass!

First Rotary Fixture Cut

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Today I fired up the laser cutter with the new rotary fixture.  It was a little tricky to figure out positioning, but I think I got it right.  Check out the result.

Blue Flame

Don’t Let the Blue Smoke Out

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I saw this image image on ladyada that I thought would make a cool laser cut acrylic piece.  Dan decided to turn it into a vector image and I cut it this evening.  I think it came out really sharp … I also took a close up to demonstrate the smoothness of cut close up.

Ramps Enclosure

Ramps Enclosure Part 2

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Last night I finished the design and tonight I finished cutting the first prototype.  I’ll add more details later, but this mounts to the back of the prusa and holds all of the electronics.  With a laptop power supply, this should make portability much better.

Juanita's Tombstone

Juanita’s Tombstone

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Today I finished laser etching the tombstone for Juanita’s grave.  Previously I had used granite countertop material.  The countertop had marbling which turned out to be problematic.   While I was able to overcome some of the issues with paint, it just wasn’t good enough for this purpose.  Today I used a 12×12 black pieceContinue Reading

Ramps Mount

Ramps Electronics Mount

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I’ve struggled for a while with a good solution to mount the electronics on my prusa.  I’ve printed two enclosures and I didn’t really like either.  My new approach is to mount it to the back of the prusa.  More details and rational to come …  Here is a preview …

Photo on granite

Making a headstone

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Recently one of my pets Juanita passed away.  We buried her in the backyard at our new house.  I wanted to engrave a granite headstone to place on her grave.  I’ve lasered wood and acrylic before, but this needed something more permanent.  One of my friends picked up some granite counter scrap.  This made forContinue Reading