CNC Enclosures

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Part of being able to mill/lathe indoors means having a good safety system set up. When I first purchased my Taig Mill and Sherline Lathe, I wanted to enclose them to catch any shrapnel. Since I started playing with Misumi parts for my MendelMax, I thought I could make a great enclosure using it. IContinue Reading

Lathe Job

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A friend asked me if I could bore out a wheel adapter for a tire machine on my lathe. I hadn’t done much steel work, but figured it was a fun thing to try out. The results turned out nicely.

I2C RGB Led Adapter

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I ran into a challenge recently where I didn’t have enough spare pins that could PWM on ramps. I want to add LEDs for lighting and to signify certain events. To work around the issue, I decided to make an i2c-rgb led adapter. I2C lets me have up to 127 devices. I plan to makeContinue Reading


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Easter was always a fun time growing up. We dyed eggs for nearly every Easter. Now that I have children, I want to do the same. The kicker is that I want to do it with a twist. When I ran across the prospect of an Eggbot, I knew that it was perfect for theContinue Reading

Burn Plate Top

Waste Oil Heater Burn Plate

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At our local hackerspace we have a waste oil heater that some of our members built.  Right now we are using a stainless steel bowl for the burn plate.  We needed a proper solution.  To do that, we got a piece of aluminum round and needed to create a bowl in the middle with aContinue Reading

Involute Cutter

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Here is one of the involute cutter forms that I recently got to be able to cut gears properly.  Now I just need an arbor to mount it up.  

Acme Rods for the Prusa Z-Axis

Acme Rods for the Prusa

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I’ve been working on an Acme upgrade for the Prusa for a little while.  Previously I threadmilled the nuts out of derlin.  Today I turned down the 3/8 Acme rod on both ends.  One end fits into the 608zz bearing in the MG lower end and the other fits into a coupler.  Tomorrow I’ll beContinue Reading

grblShield + WidgitMaster

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Tonight I got the wiring and configuration done for the WidgitMaster/grblShield combo.  You can see a video of it running a square gcode pattern below.  Next I’ll be making an enclosure for the electronics and setting up the necessary fixtures.

grblShield Connected


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For my PCB Mill, I wanted to use something more portable than the SDTR-4C that I use for my Taig Mill and Sherline Lathe.  I was originally planning to use a RAMPS setup, but for a few reasons I went a different way.  I won’t go into it here, but may later.  Below is aContinue Reading

WM Adapters

WidgitMaster Router

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I’m putting the finishing touches on the widgitmaster router that I bought long ago. I started by turning down an acme screw to replace one that was missing in the package.  Then I had to make 2″ couplers because the nema 23 steppers had short shafts.  Finally, I needed to mount my Wolfgang spindle toContinue Reading