Cleaner/Dye/Sealant Tank

Anodizing Progress

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I haven’t posted the article about my anodizing setup, but I have been working on building a line in my garage.  I built the line bench a few weeks back.  I’ll back post that at some later point.  The line consists of cleaning, anodizing, dyeing, and sealant tanks.  All but the anodizing tank are needContinue Reading

Acme Nut for Prusa

Acme Nuts

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A goal of mine for a long time has been to create Acme nuts for my prusa reprap.  Creating them is actually easy, but figuring out how to do it is not.  I used a threadmill on my Taig to create these out of Derlin.  These will drop into the x-ends of the prusa andContinue Reading

NanoTram on the Taig

Tramming the Mill

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Now that I’ve started milling items that require enhanced precision, I need a better way of setting things up.  I’ve learned that having the machines to build things are worthless if you can’t measure and execute accurately.  Lately I’ve been flycutting and I suspected that my mill was out of tram.  That basically means thatContinue Reading

Widgetmaster Z Leadscrew

Turning down an ACME Rod

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Wow its been a long time since I posted.  There has been so much going on that I just haven’t had a chance.  Hopefully I’ll get back to some sort of consistency. Anyway, the purpose of today’s post is to post an acme rod that I had to turn down the ends on.  Here isContinue Reading


Mill Enclosure

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After my first experience milling aluminum, I decided an enclosure was necessary.  There were two reasons for this.  The first is, aluminum swarf gets everywhere.  I’m not kidding.  The milling I did left a mound of tiny aluminum shavings that got all over the desk, all over the floor, and into anything it could.  Second,Continue Reading


Horizontal Rotary Table Adapter

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The Sherline Rotary table comes with a bracket to mount it directly onto the table in a horizontal configuration.  Unfortunately it only works with the Sherline table because of the placement of the t-slots.  I decided to make an adapter as the first metal on my new mill.  The first thing I did was designedContinue Reading


CNC 4th Axis

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I’ve mentioned in the past that I planned to add a 4th Axis to my Taig.  With a 4th axis, the items that you can mill open up significantly.  For example, gears are very easy to do with the table in a 90 degree position.  You can also cut threads inside or outside of anContinue Reading


Successful PCB Milling!

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I was finally successful at milling a PCB.  I need to publish a draft post from a few days ago that goes through the steps to make it happen, but I’ll share a few pictures of the success.


How to Mill PCBs part 2

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In the first part, I created took the circuit and created the gcode that the machine would use.  This part will show it actually running on the machine. First, the overall setup that I’m using.  I’m using a Taig CNC Mill with a vacuum table to hold down the PCB. The first thing we doContinue Reading


How to Mill PCBs part 1

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So you’ve see my milling examples in previous posts.  I’ve been working on getting the toolchain right, getting the hardware right, etc, etc.  I’m going to walk you through the steps on milling a PCB.  For his example, I downloaded a RBBB arduino from this instructable. You can see the board pulled up in myContinue Reading