Laser Scanning Mickey

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So with all of these subtractive and additive CNC devices, its nice to have additional ways to create objects.  I wanted to try 3d scanning.  There are open source, DIY, and commercial variants.  The only open source one I know of is the makerbot cyclops which uses structured light and I really wanted to tryContinue Reading


Completed Vacuum Chuck

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Today I finished my vacuum reservoir.  I have posted before about the vacuum table and the pump, but this is the last missing piece.  I used the instructions (and a few parts) from the JoeWoodworker site.  The goal is that it should allow the pump to run in a more optimal manner.  More specifically, itContinue Reading


Making Machinable Wax

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Metal/plastic stock can be pretty expensive when you are testing/learning how to use a CNC machine.  Previously I had used Smooth-On plastic that is a two part poured plastic mixture.  It works well, but its also expensive.  One alternative that a lot of people use is called machinable wax.  Its cheaper than the other options,Continue Reading


Vacuum Chuck

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I decided to build a chucking system to hold down PCBs when I’m milling.  Many other folks use superglue on aluminum with acetone to release, hold down bars, or tape.  The nice part about a vacuum chuck is that it should be able to pull the entire board down flat.  Hold downs will only getContinue Reading