I2C RGB Led Adapter

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I ran into a challenge recently where I didn’t have enough spare pins that could PWM on ramps. I want to add LEDs for lighting and to signify certain events. To work around the issue, I decided to make an i2c-rgb led adapter. I2C lets me have up to 127 devices. I plan to makeContinue Reading

grblShield + WidgitMaster

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Tonight I got the wiring and configuration done for the WidgitMaster/grblShield combo.  You can see a video of it running a square gcode pattern below.  Next I’ll be making an enclosure for the electronics and setting up the necessary fixtures.

WM Adapters

WidgitMaster Router

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I’m putting the finishing touches on the widgitmaster router that I bought long ago. I started by turning down an acme screw to replace one that was missing in the package.  Then I had to make 2″ couplers because the nema 23 steppers had short shafts.  Finally, I needed to mount my Wolfgang spindle toContinue Reading


Successful PCB Milling!

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I was finally successful at milling a PCB.  I need to publish a draft post from a few days ago that goes through the steps to make it happen, but I’ll share a few pictures of the success.


How to Mill PCBs part 2

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In the first part, I created took the circuit and created the gcode that the machine would use.  This part will show it actually running on the machine. First, the overall setup that I’m using.  I’m using a Taig CNC Mill with a vacuum table to hold down the PCB. The first thing we doContinue Reading


How to Mill PCBs part 1

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So you’ve see my milling examples in previous posts.  I’ve been working on getting the toolchain right, getting the hardware right, etc, etc.  I’m going to walk you through the steps on milling a PCB.  For his example, I downloaded a RBBB arduino from this instructable. You can see the board pulled up in myContinue Reading

PCB Etched on v90

Etching PCBs

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So one of my goals in getting into CNC was to be able to prototype my own PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).  I’ve gotten some special equipment to do it, but this isn’t an easy thing to figure out how to do.  Its taken me some time, but here is my first attempt.  I’m using theContinue Reading